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Just a decade or two ago, it was unfashionable to be caught in the weight room confines of a gym. Instead, many of us were relegated to aerobics, running, jazzercise, or some other more trendy activities to lose weight. Thankfully however, those days are over and today both men and women alike think nothing of pumping iron to achieve overall fitness whilst building a better body.

So why has body building and fitness training become so important in the last few years? One reason is because it jumpstart's the metabolism and therefore provides a more efficient and effective way to burn calories for example, as muscles start to gain mass from the weight training, more calories are being burned off in order to fuel muscle transformation. Another reason is the overwhelming focus we have in the media on healthy living. Many health problems we have in society today such as obesity, cancer and heart disease are linked to unhealthy diets and lack of exercise.

Excellent starter video from Muscle & Fitness Magazine's Training System.

Bodybuilders: It’s all about balance

Weight training does not leave much room for fat to stick around. We will all lose fat if we decide to tweak our diets a bit and lower our calorie intake. But with bodybuilding doing so allows the new burgeoning muscle to eat up the calories you consume as well as take care of some of the calories held in reserve in body fat.

And when it comes to health and fitness body building for women, they will actually lose fat by training with weights even though it is not considered an aerobic activity, as studies have shown that it will still elevate the heart rate just as like cardiovascular exercise which is important in the burning of fat.

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